Share a folder for registered User

To share a folder for registered users to view and upload files, you can go to Front-end Access page and generate a shortcode for “Subscribers”, screenshot:

Generate shortcode for subscribers

You can use the generated shortcode in any page to let all the subscribers see it. Here is an example shortcode:

[filemanager foldername="wp-content/uploads/NewFolder" groups="subscriber" access="ru"]

Your generated shortcode probably wont look like the above one. You can only use your own generated shortcodes.


(Optional) Show the same folder to administrator on the same page with read/write access:
If you want the same folder to be visible by admin and allow admin read/write access, then you can generate another shortcode for the same folder for “administrator” and use restriction shortcodes to display subscribers shortcodes to subscribers and admin shortcode to administrator. Here is an example:

[fm_access group='subscriber']
[filemanager foldername="wp-content/uploads/NewFolder" groups="subscriber" access="ru"]

[fm_access group='administrator']
[filemanager foldername="wp-content/uploads/NewFolder" groups="administrator" access="rw"]

Make sure you generate each shortcode you want to use, it wont work if you make a shortcode up or change it.


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