elFinder 2.0

(Right click on files/folders to view more control options)

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1. Drag and Drop File Management.
2. Files / Folder Sharing.
3. User Access and User Group Access Control.
4. Front-end Access.
5. File Upload Email Notifications.
6. Multiple Themes.
7. Auto Unique Folder for every user.
8. Image Viewer and Editor.
9. Windows like UI.
10. Tons of customizations.
11. Office and PDF Document Viewer.
12. Image thumbnails.
13. Zip and Unzip Files / Folders.
14. File Chunking Support (Upload Files larger than upload_max_size).
15. Icons and List View.
16. File Path Hider.
17. Generate Shortcodes for the front-end.




Whats new in 7.2:
1. View Office documents / PDFs in preview via google docs (right click > preview).
2. Fixed google chrome add-ons conflict.
3. Hooks for developers.
4. Some UI improvements.
5. Added option to change filemanager window height.
6. Improved user’s page with ajax pagination and search.