Show Filemanager to certain user groups only

You can show or hide the filemanager in the front-end based on user group (role). To do this you can use fm_access shortcode around your filemanager shortcode. Here is an example: This will only show the filemanager to administrator user role. You can also make the filemanager show up to logged-in users only by using…

Show users all the folder assigned to them

To show every user all the folders assigned to them, you can simply use this shortcode on any page: This shortcode is for logged-in users only This will let them see all their folders including the default folders and folder assigned to them directly through the users page or indirectly through user groups page.

Share A Folder with Subscribers (or any other user role)

You can go to the front-end access page under the filemanager page in wordpress dashboard and generate shortcode for any user role (or everyone including not-logged-in users). It lets you choose a folder, user role and folder permissions and generates a shortcode for you to use on any page or post.

Show all users their default folders

Default folders are the folders assigned to each user automatically by the filemanager. They are located inside the uploads folder by every user’s username. You can simply add this shortcode to allow every user to see their own default folders: This shortcode is for logged-in users only Make sure the default folder feature is enabled…